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[Sticky] Suggest a feature for Manga Rock

Dung Nguyen Jan 18, 2016 02:02PM ICT

Have a feature that you want to see in future update of Manga Rock? Suggest it here so other users can see and vote.

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hjhù Jan 22, 2016 07:14AM ICT
Can you publish your app on windows for pc/ tablets?
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Dung Nguyen Jan 25, 2016 01:46PM ICT NAB Studio, Inc. Support Coolie

Great suggestion!

We will consider making Window-phone version in the near future.

If you have other suggestion, please keep it coming. Thanks a lot.

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KawaiiDesu Feb 06, 2016 07:10PM ICT
+1 for the Windows Phone app. Make it happen, guys! :)
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Jeffrey Feb 27, 2016 04:59PM ICT
Duplicate chapter fuzzy logic or community filtering.

Had 3 titles already that waste time and bandwidth by having more than one copy of a chapter. I know its the manga site with the issue but if the reader from client (or better, server) side can filter these it would be a great help. Perhaps ask users to report duplicated chapters (wrong numbers, sd/hd or the same), I'm sure the community reading them would get them sorted in no time.
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Dung Nguyen Feb 29, 2016 01:49PM ICT NAB Studio, Inc. Support Coolie

Hi Jeffrey,

Can you let us know names of manga you have problem with?

So I can help to sort it out for you. Thanks.

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Prateek Mar 10, 2016 05:52PM ICT
Is it possible to manually add a manga so it could be read on MangaRock?There is this manga(One Piece - Digital Colored Comics) which I have manually downloaded on PC but would like to read on MangaRock.I thought maybe I would be able to read them if I could replace original One Piece downloaded files but the storage is all sort of weird numbers.On Bato it is available but more than 200 chapters are missing.If above is not possible then please could you consider adding as source in near future, as it is the only place where all the colored One Piece addition is available.
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Dung Nguyen Mar 11, 2016 04:06PM ICT NAB Studio, Inc. Support Coolie

Hi Prateek,

Thanks for sending us your feedback

Right now, it’s not possible to manually add a manga to Manga Rock. Sorry about this.

About, we will add it soon. The source is already available for Manga Rock 2.0 Beta.

Hope this helps.

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Asha Mar 13, 2016 04:49AM ICT
Yeah I agree with having windows version. Please do that, it would make things so much easier!
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Charlie Mar 14, 2016 04:58AM ICT for fonts in Spanish
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furiseto Mar 16, 2016 04:03PM ICT
Suggest feature: Auto Crop

Hello, I love your app. And there's one feature that would make this app perfect for me: Auto Crop.

There are usually pages that have blank white space and when I read manga via Mangarock, it would make the image smaller on my already small phone screen. So a feature to automatically crop those blank space and fit the page nicely would make the image larger for easy reading.

Hope to see that feature become reality. Thanks again.
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Yautja Mar 17, 2016 01:56AM ICT
Better sources, such as kissmanga. All the sources except batoto frequently have these annoying watermarks, and on mobile devices, it drives me insane. And while batato doesn't have this issue it doesn't have a wide enough variety of manga, especially smaller series, it has a slower update rate, and has an unbridled amount of missing chapters for numerous series. Better sources would be fixing my one and only qualm about mangarock, and the first source to come to mind is kissmanga.

And as furiseto said, an auto crop, but in this case for mangafox, to get rid of that infuriating disclaimer they put at the bottom of every single page of every single manga they have.
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Will Apr 06, 2016 03:58AM ICT
So, I'll just post this as a list of things that would make me fully satisfied with this app, I would love to see the ability to go into my favorites and,

A. sort between completed and on-going series,
B. Mark series I've completed as read and archive them in favorites somehow so I could reread when I'm out of new series to enjoy
C. Possibly add my own tags to series so I could organize my list
D. Possibly do a tag/genre search from within favorites.

I transitioned from Mango when it stopped working entirely and those are features I sorely miss, Please consider at least A and B on that list, for people with 400+ manga on their favorites like me it would make navigating the app much smoother.
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Dung Nguyen Apr 06, 2016 04:21PM ICT NAB Studio, Inc. Support Coolie

Noted, Will! Thanks for your feedback. Our team will consider this carefully for future update of Manga Rock


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Candyce Apr 08, 2016 11:38AM ICT
The biggest thing I miss from before the 2.0 update was the ability to sort manga in favorites from "last updated". Can you please add this back to the current version?
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John Hartono Apr 08, 2016 07:32PM ICT
book mode for android device
windows version
donation option
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Izaes Apr 09, 2016 09:42AM ICT
Add is the best page for reading manga :) thanks Not A Basement Studios i really like this idea
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Dung Nguyen Apr 11, 2016 04:20PM ICT NAB Studio, Inc. Support Coolie

Hi izaes, we will consider adding this source in the coming releases.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion!

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Alan Lara Apr 15, 2016 11:41PM ICT
A "Collecion/Log/Library" Feature!

Like "Favorite" , but were we only order our manga on "Completed/Halfway/Readed" categories with a rate option.
Independent of the manga source! ;P

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Julian Rörig Apr 16, 2016 03:18AM ICT
An compact view for all tabs(favourits, all manga, new updates...) would be great. I am thinking about a view like in the old application.
Best regards
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Valtteri Rauma Apr 16, 2016 09:53PM ICT
Missing a few features from the definitive version that were included in the old one:
(some people already mentioned these but I'm copy pasting from another window so bear with the wall of text)
1. The option to order your favorites list by "latest update".
2. Switching to a list view instead of thumbnails.
3. Background color is locked to black/dark theme
4. Not missing per se, but the "view similar manga" after you've reached the end of the newest chapter has been put behind an additional click instead of viewing them straight away. Putting content behind as few clicks as possible is never a bad idea and here this feels unneeded.

All in all the app conforms better to modern visual standards, but I feel functionality has been stripped somewhat. Taking into account the amount of manga some people can have in their lists, having more options is almost always better
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Julian Rörig Apr 17, 2016 10:34PM ICT
It would be nice, if there were no recommendations for mangas I already have marked as a favourite.
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Lucjusz Apr 18, 2016 04:38PM ICT
Hi is there a chance, that we got ability to categorize our favorites?
I would love to be able to put already readed mangas that are complete and those ongoing to separate category,
It would not waste space in general category, making it easier to browse, and i could always come back to them when i wanted, im new user(yes i bought it) but i feel that in few months my favorites will be crowded ass hell witch will make finding the one manga i want much more difficult, and i do not want to delete readed mangas, in case i want to get back to them, or recommend them to someone, also your app propose mangas for me at based on my favorites, so it would not me useful.
eather you make static categories(but please add -readed compleated and readed ongoing) or let user created them on their own it would be huge help

Also second thing, i know we have new chapter notification, but would it be possible to make unread counter in corner of manga thumb picture? It would be really useful in coming back to mangas one read some time ago, and could easily show how much you have chapters to read, without going into manga folder

Thank You for reading, best regards
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Leo Apr 27, 2016 01:26AM ICT
Would be cool to have the possibility to export a downloaded manga. I absolutely love your app and use it to read and keep track of my mangas, but I wish I could export the downloaded chapters to read them on my kindle (better screen than my phone).

I can see the folders where the downloaded manga sits, but they are not named in a human friendly way so it's very hard to find specific chapters.
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Wesso May 05, 2016 10:11AM ICT

You guys have a great app, I've been using it for a while and it's just fantastic!
The feature I love the most is the cloud feature, being able to pick up from where I left off on another device.

In this suggestion I would like to find out whether it will be in the near future or at least in the development of having a web-based client or maybe even a desktop client?

This way, I can log-in online on my desktop browser and continue off from where I left off.
I understand I can still read manga online via different channels (Manga Fox etc) but I want to be able to use the cloud feature that Manga Rock offers.

How I can see someone using this:
1. Reading manga on iPad using the Manga Rock app
2. Continue reading manga on iPhone on the bus, on the way to work/school
3. Once I'm at work/school, and have a break I can continue reading on the computer (instead of my tiny screen on my phone) so long as it's logged in as the same account as the account used on Manga Rock.

You could even make the Web-based client free for online reading only, but paid if they want to use the cloud sync feature with the mobile clients (but not subscription please... hate them subscriptions).

I hope this is something that you are working on already, that way I'll be super excited!

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Elena May 08, 2016 11:14PM ICT
hello there,
maybe the option to search related manga by author/artist name?
instead of related manga that contains random title, i'd prefer list of manga from the same author/artist.
that way i can browse and read the manga that have prequel-sequel easily.
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Dung Nguyen May 08, 2016 11:48PM ICT NAB Studio, Inc. Support Coolie

Thanks for suggestions, Wesso & Elena! Have forwarded your suggestions to my developers team.

G’day! Please let us know again if you guys have other suggestions

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Bobby Wibowo May 10, 2016 05:33PM ICT
I'd like to request a feature to remove image spacing in the manga reader (possibly a simple toggle). You know how there are black spacing between images when you read a manga right? The thing is, web comics are meant to be read in a straight line, without spacing between the images, since the images were designed that way. And since Manga Rock adds spacing between images, I often get to see split faces, backgrounds, text bubbles, etc. So it's not every convenient to read web comics.
Thanks in advance!
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Bobby Wibowo May 10, 2016 05:39PM ICT
An addition to my previous suggestion. Other than a toggle, it'd be even greater to have an option to mark a certain title as web comic. When the user marked a title as web comic, whenever that user view any of the title's chapter, the viewer would automatically remove spacing between images. But if the title wasn't marked as web comic, obviously, the viewer would let the spacing be there.
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KyL4R May 11, 2016 05:36PM ICT
I love your app!
One thing i would love to see in the future:

A Feature that will automaitcally download new chapters of your already downloaded Mangas.
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Dung Nguyen May 12, 2016 09:23AM ICT NAB Studio, Inc. Support Coolie

You know that we have this feature already right?

For favorite manga, not downloaded

Please give it a try

Let me know!

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KyL4R May 12, 2016 03:38PM ICT
Oh i feel stupid now.
Thx for the reminder!!!
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Dung Nguyen May 13, 2016 11:15AM ICT NAB Studio, Inc. Support Coolie

Hi KyL4R, it’s OK! At least now you know where the feature is :D


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David Pareja May 20, 2016 04:56AM ICT
I see that importing Manga has already been suggested so here's my other suggestion.

Integration with myanimelist?
Or at least the possibility to export a csv that lists our favorited/read Mangas in a format that we can upload to myanimelist.

Or maybe just make a backup of what has been marked as read, I remember this wouldn't save in the previous Manga rock app, haven't had the chance to try on this one.
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Chris P May 24, 2016 06:15PM ICT
hi guys

could you implement a tap to forward feature that always scrolls forward? i usually have to stand on a train and just tapping is a lot more stable than swiping. happy to swipe to go back a page but tapping anywhere to move forward would be really handy (sometimes i need to swap hands to hold on pole or seat).


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Dung Nguyen May 25, 2016 05:27PM ICT NAB Studio, Inc. Support Coolie

Hi Chris

Have you tried to use the volume button to navigate pages?

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Nabeel Hamed Jun 12, 2016 03:18PM ICT
grid view for recent read manga on the defentive edeition.
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Xav Jun 15, 2016 03:05AM ICT

I would find useful to have a feature: "same manga on other source with more chapters"
Sometimes, I found out that I came to the end of a manga with 40 published chapters, the I discover that on another source, the same manga has 60+ chapters published.
But I have to search each one of the mangas.

Manga Rock could look for it itself perdiodically or on demand and suggest: "another source contains more chapters, do you want to switch ?"
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Phanttom Jun 19, 2016 07:34AM ICT
1. If you do implement the self downloaded Manga idea, make a separate source for it called "Community".

2.Please bring back the easy layout we used to have. (like 1 year ago)

3.Fix the error where if you download large Mangas all the chapters cue and not only some of them. ex: Downloads all of "Bleach"; Clicks select all; Chapter 1,2,3,4,5,219, and 314 do not download; has to click on Manga and download the missing ones.

4. More reliable and better "Suggested Mangas" where favourited ones are not included and do not need to click more buttons at the end of a Manga to see them.

5. Archiving system to store Mangas which are "Completed" and you have finished reading.

6. Percentage of how much of a Manga you have read.

7. How many Manga pages you have read so far; How long you've read for (Just cool stats, really just extras).

8. Themes (Skins) would be cool if you didn't like how the New Ver. of Manga Rock looked you could add a skin and make it your own personal Manga reader.

9. How about a new program called AnimeRock! (Hopefully, you can infer what would be on their).

I think that's all I mean still a great app nonetheless. Best Manga Reader I've seen.

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Lowe Raivio Jun 20, 2016 06:52PM ICT
Let users make their own scrappers for websites and share them!

You support a couple of sites that provides a great catalog of manga.
but still, there are sites that offer different mangas, etc.

I know that you have to remove manga that are either licensed or of "Objectionable Content" to keep your app in Appstore and Google play (even tough it's not there right now).

So I thought, if you give us the option to make our own scrappers then we could easily get around that problem. Because then it's not really the app who provides the content that is licensed or objectionable.
I think it can be done fairly simply; Design a template with the data Manga Rock
need to; downlad, read, handle manga/comics.
Then let users use that template, design it for their needs, upload it in the App so it
get used by the app as A source.

I think this is a good Idea for two reasons.
More freedom for the users, picking their favorite sources.
A more established and committed community for the app, giving the app itself a longer lifespan.
It would simply help Manga Rock becoming the strongest manga/comic reader app!

Ofcourse I would love this feature to be available both for IOS and Android.
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ventage Jun 27, 2016 04:10PM ICT
Option to clear all in "NEW UPDATES" with one click. (if you have 10+ updates it will take some time to clear them all manually.)
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The King Jul 07, 2016 10:52AM ICT
First, I would like to say, great job on this app! Would it be possible to add the ability to add manga to your myanimelist? I'm trying to update everything now to there because I'm on an older version on IOS and fear losing my place in some of manga if I update. However, if I had the ability to add it to a list outside of the app it wouldn't be such a big deal.

Thanks for taking the time.
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David Jul 25, 2016 06:39PM ICT
Detect and don't show duplicated pages in a single chapter.

See "Delusional Boy Manhwa" in MangaPark English.
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Divinor Jul 26, 2016 09:19PM ICT
Can you make an archive section for the finished manga that are in our library?
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Ben Matias Jul 27, 2016 09:51AM ICT
can you guys make a way (like the it was on the app store), where you can select the location to download the manga, since my phone's internal memory doesn't have enough space, but my SD card does, so can you guys please find a way to insert it into the definitive version, please and thank you. I love the app you guys have created btw, it's by far the best manga app I've found and wanted to thank you for making such a good app. keep up the good work, thank you for reading.
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Itsemy Aug 23, 2016 02:06AM ICT
deleting chapters after read

thanks a lot for this awesome app. Indeed the best manga reader ever. I just have a wish: It is already possible that new chapters are downloaded automatically, so is it possible to add a function, that chapters are deleted automatically after reading, too? In this way the phones storage is kept clean, because it is a little bit hard to delete chapters by hand, since you don't know by the folders names, which is what and what you actually have already read.

Thanks a lot!

All the best, Itsemy
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samnut64 Sep 02, 2016 03:29PM ICT
i would be nice if there was a section for me to put my finished manga or just a way to separate the manga i have finished form the ones im reading.

a response would be much appreciated :3
from Samnut64
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Shublies Sep 20, 2016 09:28PM ICT
I would really, really like a desktop version of the app. I have a Surface Pro 4. There isn't a single good app for reading manga on the windows store. I think you could find a really good market in the absence of competition. (and I could read on a bigger screen because I have really bad vision)
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Edna Frenesi Sep 24, 2016 08:36AM ICT NAB Studio, Inc. Support Coolie

Hi guys,

Thank you for your suggestions! :)

Please keep them coming.

Have a good day!

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Simon Oct 07, 2016 03:13AM ICT
I do agree that mouse and keyboard users with tablets are probably in the minority I am able to move up and down the pages with arrow keys on the keyboard or mouse clicks which is brilliant but there is no option to scroll particularly on vertically reading manga. Would this support be able to be added?

Also if possible to not have it move as far/fast as arrow keys on keyboard.

I would also like to say with or without the suggestion this is a brilliant app and thank you for bringing it to us.
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Ovanos Nov 12, 2016 01:17AM ICT

I have been using this app for years, and I love it. But one thing bugged me a lot, not being able to backup the manga I downloaded.

Whether it be because I needed to reset my phone, or I just want to read on another device, it's really frustrating to have to download the manga all over again.

If making backups of downloaded manga is not gonna be possible via an option in the app, show us a way to manually do that, like copying the folder which contains the files.

Thanks guys, and keep up the good work :D
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Edna Frenesi Nov 12, 2016 07:34AM ICT NAB Studio, Inc. Support Coolie

Hi Ovani,

This is Edna Frenesi from NAB

I understand that you want to migrate your downloaded data to the new device or restore it after resetting your device.

For now, we can’t do this yet. Downloaded manga are not backed up and thus, can’t be restored in another device.

We are actually considering this feature in the coming release of the app.

I hope this helps. If you have any other issue, don’t hesitate to contact us again.

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Daniel Nov 15, 2016 01:23AM ICT
There si a bug in the app that is VERY anoying that needs to be fixed. When ni landscape mode sometimes when you do a pinch up zoom the apps goes crazy and forwards to many pages ahead. This makes the reading very annoying.
Also the reccomended manga has often nothing to do with the thing you are reading.

It also would be very nice of you could start reading in one device and automacaly remember position so you can continue in other device. Kind of like the Kindle app does.

Thanks and Keep the good work
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David Dec 04, 2016 09:35PM ICT
Maybe add the possibility to search by keywords?
Like I want to find the Manga "The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer" but I only remember that the title contained "lucifer" and "hammer" so I search "lucifer | hammer" or whatever you make it to be.

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Izuzu Dec 15, 2016 07:02PM ICT
This app really need a tag / label system so we can organize fav
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Smux Dec 18, 2016 07:33AM ICT
Can a new tab for 'Planning to read' be added, maybe under favorites? Usually when I find a new manga I want to read I have to add it to my favorites so I can find it later.

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MagnesG Dec 23, 2016 06:45AM ICT
- Tag/label system for personalized favorites.
- Function to access mangakas' other works on its manga page. Usually I have type in manually to get into author's other works.
- Possibly an integrated database which generalize famous mangas with the same name but multiple source. (Useful for multiple sourcers like me). At least in favorites so that theres on need to refavorites the same thing.
- Function to disable 'read' or favorites mangas to show up on search or every other section.
- Permanently filter certain types of manga (It show up on recommended section).
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Darkseth Dec 28, 2016 03:40AM ICT
Already send that Mail to support, because i didn't find see Thread. However:

How about adding Friends in the App itself? I would like adding a Friend, and whenever i find a cool Manga, i would like to press a sharing button, and send it to him.
And he can open a Chatwindow, or a seperate sharing-window between us, where all the recommended/shared Mangas are. so he can just press on it, and add it to his favourites.
Maybe even with a Checklist function, so when he adds one, he can check it, so it's gone from the List. That would keep the Chat window more clear.


Bonus Idea: Maybe connect the Favourites to the Account? I have multiple Devices, and the favourites (maybe stuff i want to read later) are Device Bound.

There are 2 Main disadvantages here:
- I have to add favourites on both Devices.

- Whenever i Change the Device, Upgrade it, reset or anything... the Favourit List is gone.

Would like it better Bound to the Account itself. maybe with a "Clear all" button
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Anony Jan 02, 2017 07:45PM ICT
Hello awesome Manga Rock Team,
I am using your app since a long time now (Of course I am using payed version) and my memory starts to get troubles with membering all the mangas... ! I am sure I am not the only one who would LOVE to see a listing function where you can create own lists with for example "I want to read soon", "I have already read", "I started to read it but it sucked" and so on. For now there is only the "Favorite" list which is just not enough. I even looked at all other manga apps available and NOONE has this vital feature. Unbelievable. I believe in you guys because you rock. Please make the world's manga reading experience even better with this feature!

Kindest Regards
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ellminster Jan 04, 2017 06:40AM ICT

Your app is still, in 2017, the best manga reader on iOS :)

But I think the chapters download could still be improved imo:
When I download a chapter of a manga, there is a confirm / notification popup just to tell me the chapter is download or in queue. It's not much ben when you have 5 manga with 1 new chapter each, it becomes tedious quite fast
=> could you please either
- Make that popup go away on his own or when tapping anywere on the screen ?
- Just make a little notification (like a +XX appearing on the download icon on top) to tell the user that XX chapters were added to download.

I don't think it's that crucial an information that you HAVE to read it.

But I wonder if that do to a difference with the free version (I have the paying one).
If that's the case, could you that what I suggested above as an option for the paying version ? (that would one more feature to add to attract customers :) )
Up -1 rated Down
ellminster Jan 04, 2017 06:44AM ICT
And another, completely different suggestion (hence the 2 separate posts)
But this one will be shorter I promise.

You removed a while ago the refresh button. (Or you move it and I don't find it anymore).
=> Now when there is an error, I'm stuck with a blank page, and I have to delete the chapter and redownload it :(

Could you please put back the refresh button ?
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OldSchool Jan 06, 2017 01:06PM ICT
Just updated to the latest 2.2.3 version and it has a lot of flaws. The favorites don't have a List view only the Grid one, you have to go to New Manga and always refresh to get your bookmark notification's, there is no adjustment of the brightness of the image only the horizontal and vertical direction, there is no more free download slot for non account/free users not even 1 download slot like before, When you load a new chapter if it doesnt complete you have to reload everything and sometimes it still doesn't complete.

Can you bring back the support for the 1.9.7 version for the free user's who prefer the older design and functionality over the new one?
Up -1 rated Down
Cindy Jan 07, 2017 03:48PM ICT
Have an option to "update email address" so we can change it if we want to switch email addresses!
Up 5 rated Down
Mikee Jan 08, 2017 09:40AM ICT
Hi there, i love this app and the support of the developers, which is why I bought the premium -- but can you give an option where the amount of updated unread mangas from one device matches the new device?

Because, usually, when I get to install Mangarock to a new device, the New Updated Favorite mangas are cleanly wiped and syncing from my older device do not not include the Updates. :(

in short, an option to:

* Match Unread in the New Updated Favorite Mangas from one device to another newly synced device
* Clear Read mangas in the New Updated Favorite Mangas when Read from another device AUTOMATICALLY through Cloud :)

so that when I read the latest manga updated on my phone, the number of unread mangas on my tablet also updates automatically and clears :D and I would know
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Olsith Jan 09, 2017 10:43AM ICT
The ability to mark manga as been read.
Up 2 rated Down
Glendon Pasho-Coughlin Jan 27, 2017 03:25AM ICT
Make it so you can have multiple lists of manga. I have my list of favorites, and my list of downloaded, that's it. I want to make different lists of manga. Like have a list of manga I have downloaded, but haven't read yet. Then a list for manga I've already finished reading, but the series isn't completed yet.
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Kaleb S Jan 28, 2017 02:19AM ICT
First off, love the app!

Is it at all possible for you to implement a way to download/read manga that have "questionable" material or a license? Similar to the app manga storm where you can just copy and paste a link into the built in browser to archive manga and read them from there. I don't even know if it's possible to edit your app to that extent without completely messing everything up lol, maybe you could make a sister app that syncs to manga rock and does this. And I think another good feature would be guided view like you have for apps like Comic Book Reader and comixology. But maybe that's not possible without a whole lot of work. I know nothing about developing apps and stuff so I dunno lol. Sorry if I'm asking for something that's impossible
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Phoenix Jan 28, 2017 05:30AM ICT
Lovely app!Ofc i have purchased the full version to support this project.
As a suggestion,i think it would be great if there were sources for western comic books(yeah, i know it's called Manga Rock) ,or the option to add custom ones.
Myanimelist interaction would also quite be nifty.
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Victor Feb 02, 2017 05:14PM ICT
A way to mark as read, or a folder within the favorites page to put already read manga. Some way to sort them in categories (read, reading, not read) but sorted manually by the user. Thanks!!
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Ronny Feb 05, 2017 01:19AM ICT
that when you restore, you also restore the list of read, not only the list of read in the tab "recent"
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Chris Feb 22, 2017 07:05PM ICT
I would suggest to implement a Web Client that is hosted by the mobile app itself to allow the users to read the manga already downloaded in the mobile app. This would also allow the mobile app to keep the chapter read history in the mobile device itself instead of relying on the cloud sync.
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Jasmine Smith Feb 26, 2017 05:20PM ICT
It would be nice if you didn't need to press the ok button every time you added a manga or chapter to download because it gets annoying
Up -2 rated Down
Emma Apr 02, 2017 05:19AM ICT
It would be nice if you also had an app for Mac and PC. It would be cool to have a full screen to read manga (maybe like viewing PDF's on MacOSx) instead of having to move all over to see the full page of a manga and to have different manga resources in one place (this is a problem I've always had with different websites). I would totally pay for a version like that with also the features you already have on mobile.
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Colin Apr 03, 2017 04:19AM ICT
Just a couple of quality of life tweaks. Add options to disable the tap to change page, and also to always show the current page number. It would also be nice to have the date a chapter comes out display next to the chapter title.
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slotty Apr 23, 2017 03:59AM ICT
Store / Remember "reading mode" setting for each manga.
Up -1 rated Down
slotty Apr 23, 2017 04:09AM ICT
Multilingual manga? So I can read a manga in english or japanese.
Up -1 rated Down
Michael Apr 26, 2017 09:56AM ICT
Bring back app wide preferences for reading mode. Come on this was in the older versions.
On another note, some options to disable some of these newer """"""features"""""" would be greatly appreciated.

Auto update notifications - These are practically malware, I was forced to upgrade my perfectly functional older version of the app to this new feature riddled ****fest where my only option is to complain about it here, so this really is the root of all evil. I couldn't even close the notification in my app, this is some windows 10 tier crap

Tap to scroll - This is super annoying in vertical reading mode so a simple option to disable it would be nice.

The multi page viewer that happens when you zoom out - I'm always accidentally activating it by zooming in and out so either an option to disable it completely or just the behaviour that triggers it by zooming, I dont care as long as I'm not using it accidentally.

I've already recommended a couple of these things via email but it seems they've fallen on deaf ears as there are now less options in the options menu than there used to be. I suppose it might be time to give up on this app.
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vong May 01, 2017 10:38AM ICT

Would be nice to have an option to automatically download new chapters of a manga you've already downloaded or an option to automatically download a marked series. For example if I downloaded the whole series of OPM or marked it and a new chapter comes out then it'll download automatically.

There are times when a new chapter comes out and either it takes a long time to load or doesn't load properly at all. I also don't want to waste data and storage if I enable the "auto download new chapters" option that's currently there.

That's my suggestion, hope you guys take it into consideration and thanks for the awesome app!
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Cario May 03, 2017 12:45PM ICT
Please add support for amoled phones by making empty spots completely black so that amoled screens can turn off those unnecessary pixals and save battery. Thanks.
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Jeff May 05, 2017 09:16PM ICT
Please make your app work even when there is no network. I have to enable Flight Mode when I'm in the subway or it won't start! I already purchased the unlock key but I'll pay extra for this feature!!!
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Rick May 12, 2017 09:50PM ICT
Fantastic app, been using it extensively.

The main suggestion I would give is adding additional sorting options for the favorites list. When you have 100+ favorites, it becomes difficult to look through them alphabetically. Something like manually adding labels to manga and sorting the list by labels would be a very useful feature.

Also something that I feel is missing is being able to display all manga for one author. For instance, by clicking on the author's name through the info page.

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jack May 14, 2017 03:29PM ICT
I would like to ask if it would be possible to add an buttom to the favorite page in the manga rock app. So that you could also press that to refresh favorites to look for new manga updates.
The buttom could be located next to the search buttom.
This is just an idea i would love to see in the app

greetings jack
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Collin Totten Jun 13, 2017 12:45PM ICT
I've said this before, but, please add categories to favorites. It's very hard to keep track of things, I'd like to make my own categories, like, plan to read, weeklies, finished, etc. Having everything all in one place is such a mess. Every update I hope it's added, and yet there seems to be nothing new anytime? I really couldn't tell you what the last 5 or so updates added to the app.
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Mojo Jun 16, 2017 11:56PM ICT
I really like how the manga rock app has the favourites feature. So you can easily keep track and be notified of new chapters your following.

I was pleased to see the laptop/pc version and I signed into an account. The only thing was missing from the pc website version was not being able to save favourites.

So maybe adding the fav option here too for those with accounts would be really ideal for keeping track of what was read here.
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MagnesG Jul 31, 2017 12:39PM ICT
New features
- Ability to group favorites, or change favorites to subscriptions. Which then can be manually sectioned.
- Recommendations based on myanimelist manga recommendation sections. Their user-based recommendations were superb, easy to search for new related mangas.

Other than that maybe speed up the app, fix some bugs (manga failed to load certain pages, or download),

Or maybe new rehauled UI. Sometimes classic UI is not worth it to improve, a new one could potentially help the performance. Propose beta ver. app so bugfix can be done fast. (I wanna sign up)

Thanks a lot for the awesome app.
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Max Aug 02, 2017 02:24AM ICT
Could you maybe add a feature that sends an alert to the notifications bar on our phone that tells us when new chapters/volumes of the manga we've been reading come out?

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samuel jackson Aug 02, 2017 06:58PM ICT
Could you possibly add a way to sync your mobile app and browser manga? this would make it much easier to find and read a manga without having to look it up every time.
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Patrick Aug 07, 2017 11:44AM ICT
Bought upgrade for unlimited downloads. Only feature I'm looking for is integration with MyAnimeList.

1. Automatically update MAL's progress after finishing a chapter/volume on MangaRock.
2. Import manga from MAL.
3. Maybe set the current status of each manga (plan to read, currently reading, complete, on hold, etc.)
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Midnight Aug 18, 2017 10:51PM ICT
I just downloaded the new update, it's really cool !
But it made me realise what lacked to MangaRock :
- first, an option to unify all the favorite mangas over all the manga sources (or selected ones) and when we are in our favorite mangas we see only the ones from a certain source and we can switch with the other sources. It will prevent the fact that we have the same manga multiple times and that we need to click on each one to find out wich is the one we want.
- a simpler version of that would be to add a feature to manage our favorite mangas in folders.
- now that we can see the authors of mangas it could be cool to subscribe to them or favorite them to be notified when they release a new manga and so we can see all our subscibed authors in one place.

Ok that is all I can remind about this, I'll post again if I find more.

PS : please bring back the litle bar on the right of the screen with letters/numbers to navigate quickly in the managas chapter/ favorite mangas.
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Alex Aug 19, 2017 04:59AM ICT
have a feature to automatically download, and save chapters of manga's you are reading. Customize from 5/10/20 chapters ahead.

Can set to download by WIFI only

Allows readers to continue reading offline for certain amount of chapters without having to always download manually. Helps with users who have limited storage capacities read offline without always having to predownload the WHOLE manga usually.
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Ben Aug 19, 2017 05:30PM ICT
can you make the Reading direction a default after you change it?
its not comfortable to change it every time i get in the app.

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